Madagascar Dendritic Agate Plugs

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Madagascar dendritic agate plugs carved to your specifications

Please note that this product is for standard grade translucent material with some inclusions or banding, If you would like to order heavily included, well-patterned material with color contact me HERE

Please contact me HERE for a quote on material with geodes or teardrop plugs

This item is made for you 

Estimated production time is 2 - 4 weeks

Photographs are only representative of the final product and the actual material you receive will vary in color and pattern 

Madagascar dendritic agate is a highly translucent and wonderfully included type of river agate from Madagascar. Most nodules show water-wear from their time exposed in the river which lens pieces an incredibly unique ‘peeled’ skin. Material is super translucent milky/grey in color with the possibility of dendritic inclusions (typically inclusions of manganese which look like tiny tree ferns branching out), tube formations, eye patterns, zebra/mocha banding, tropical yellow tones, hints of orange/deep cognac and an endless number of unique patterns. This is by far my favorite material to work with for everything from labrets to plugs in all shapes and sizes, this material shines in absolutely any situation and looks good no matter how it’s shaped, sized or cut. Material can range from completely translucent (not included), to having moderate inclusions (semi-included) to being extremely dense in inclusions (heavily included), if you have a preference for the inclusions in the material selected for your order, please leave a note while selecting your specifications on the respective product page (please note that while I try to cater to all material requests, material is also subject to availability and I may run out of well included material faster than other specimens)

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